What links these three interavtive installations together

So what links these three concepts together?

Technology, and how advanced it is becoming day by day. As technology advances so do the studies into technology and how we use it. Obviously like most creations, they are invented to benefit and help everyday people, but like any other thing created in this world we live in, there will be disadvantages; i.e. the effects that different forms of technology can have with us humans.

The effects it will have on humans aren’t always necessarily negative, studying how in which we interact with these different forms of technology, benefits everyone but scientists and inventors especially because they can work out how to improve that invention to benefit us (the users) more than affect us, when developing that product/item.

A lot of products/items are invented but have to go through many phases to make sure it ‘safe’ and ‘user-friendly’ before they release it. Even after the many stages, it goes through before being released, you will stay notice that shortly after a new development is made, which means that product or item is improved and reproduced, with the intention to ‘benefit’ the user better.

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