My Product

My product is going to help student’s countdown towards exams or next major deadline. It’s going to count down the number of days you have left by clicking a button to push it down a day, till the major deadline. As it gets closer to the day, it will change colour. Red meaning danger and black (how the countdown will first appear) meaning its time to start revising or planning if you’ve not already started.


I created this product because I am a student, who juggles work a business and a social life, and like the majority of students I believe we are not great at juggling everything and tend to let university suffer a little bit. I believe this system will work best if it is an Alarm clock, as that is also something we tend to struggle with; especially waking up after a night of partying. This alarm clock will be made especially for students as every day it will tell you how long till your next major deadline or exam (by inputting it into the clock). It would be controlled by an app you can download to your phone, which also allows you to synchronize with your phone, which will allow you to import yours to do lists from your iPhone.

The synchronizing with your iPhone is an excellent feature to make sure you do not oversleep. I feel like the first thing majority of students or young people do is use your phone, if the alarm goes off and you snooze it and accidentally fall asleep again, the alarm will detect it because you haven’t used your phone, by using any of the apps you usually check in the mornings. Your phone will synchronize with the system via Bluetooth connection as I feel like its the easiest way to connect your phone to another computer system without plugging it in.

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