Embodied Interaction

This study focuses on the creation, manipulation and also the sharing of meaning through committed cooperation and communication with artefacts. Embodied interaction is when people interact mentally and physically with computer technology and all forms of technology. It is the study into people using technology alongside their selves, to interact with virtual and, or real people. The study of Embodied interaction isn’t limited to just using your hands or eyes, it can involve the whole body. It is a position in cogitative science and the doctrine of the mind, the study goes into depth of the role of the human body and the effect in plays in shaping the mind. The study is used in science, robotics, music and even gaming.

One of the most popular markets that embodied interaction is used in is that of medical technology, through the development of robotics, medical experts have been able to develop robotics to be used to give ‘replacement’ limbs, to those who have had to have their arms/legs amputated for one reason or another, as technology has developed, especially1 nanotechnology so have the development of these limbs, in terms of how much interaction it allows one to do. Embodiment is the ownership of our engagement and involvement with the world that allows us to makes it purposeful and this is where Embodied interaction comes from. The basis of the idea of embodiment comes from the relationship which springs from action and meaning. Through embodiment we experience physical and social reality in our everyday lives, social and tangible computing are linked through this and therefore “founded on the same idea”


To summarise the three of these concepts

Physical computing basically means when you construct interactive systems with software and hardware that is responsive to the analogue world, the analogue world. The analogue world is the world we live in today; an infinite number of smells, sounds a possibilities.

HCI Human Computer Interaction is the study into the design use of computer technology, the study focuses more on interfaces between users and computers.

Interfaces is a mutual barrier which two or more separate segments of a computer system swap information.

Embodied Interaction comes from the words embodiment and interact, which is an action. Embodied or Embodying has quite a few meanings all relating back to a person; it is to represent in a human or animal form. Interaction is an action or influence, reciprocal or mutual between one or more parties.

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