Advertising and target markets

As new creations and inventions are made towards a particular target market, another group of people will identify another way to develop that object and target it to another market.

Scientist, Entrepreneurs and Company’s all have one thing in common; and that is finding a gap in the market. After all, money makes the world go around.

Although a scientist’s main job is to find cures and help people, their discoveries and inventions also generate money, like the majority of things in this world, which relates back to my point of – money making the world go around.



I feel like most products are aimed at children or students/ young adults, why because they are easier to target.

Children are easier to target because their minds are not yet developed, they are still naïve because they haven’t yet lived in the world, they still live in their “padded by mommy and daddy” world, so they still believe its all glitters and candy floss. If children see something colorful and ‘fun’ or exciting, they are engaged. Whether they need that item or not that will be it, they want it.

For students and young adults, they have more disposable income, so they are likelier to buy into these products, as they won’t really have bills or other days to day worries, that adults are more likely to have. Young adults and students are most likely living at home, or even for the students that live away from home, they still get help from their parents (most of the time), they get student finance to help pay bills and any extra costs they are occurring by studying (for now), and most likely have a job to be able to pay for their “luxuries”.

When targeting a student or young adult, its still a similar concept as with children. Bright colours, exciting fun and engaging (depending on the type of target audience you’re trying to target).

If we actually look at adverts of today, majority are funny. I’ve noticed that’s how they manage to grab our attention and keep us engaged. By producing something very amusing, a lot of the time nothing to do with the product; but they make sure they feature the product throughout so you do not forget the name and why that product is so ‘great’.

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